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Arctic Recovery

Arctic Recovery

Arctic Recovery is a Swedish company specializing in wellness products that cater to those seeking cold therapy and sauna experiences. The company's innovative lineup includes various models of ice baths and sauna products designed to suit different preferences and lifestyles.

In detail, Arctic Recovery offers a diverse range of products such as the Arctic Recovery Isbad™ series, with multiple models including MAX, Pro PRIME, and Pro ARC versions, and sauna options like steam saunas and infrared sauna blankets. They have also established a complementary line of accessories, including thermal covers, thermometers, and cleaning kits to enhance the user experience.

Arctic Recovery stands out for its dedication to wellness and thoughtful product design, appealing to over 12,000 satisfied customers in Sweden. Their commitment to quality is evident through high customer ratings and the provision of convenience with features like free shipping throughout the buying process.

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