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Atheletic Collective

Atheletic Collective

Athletic Collective is a multifaceted fitness and wellness hub based in Singapore, specializing in holistic athletic development and personal well-being. Nestled at 442 Orchard Rd, Claymore Connect, the company provides a suite of services designed to enhance athletic performance and promote recovery.

Delving deeper into Athletic Collective's offerings, members and guests can take advantage of a range of programs such as Athletic Development Membership, Personal Training, and specialized services for Youth Athletes and sports enthusiasts. The team behind Athletic Collective ensures that all aspects of fitness are covered, from the intensity of a Sports Massage to the strategic conditioning of their Track Club.

Athletic Collective stands out as a premier destination for those serious about their fitness journey, offering a balance between rigorous training and essential recovery. Its unique services, such as the combined use of ice baths and infrared saunas, cater to the modern athlete looking for comprehensive care.

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