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Bangkok Ice Baths

Bangkok Ice Baths

Bangkok Ice Baths is an Ice Bath and Sauna Spa located near Thonglor BTS in Bangkok, providing a unique blend of wellness treatments. Set atop a private rooftop, the premise offers a rustic oasis with a lively social vibe, where guests can partake in cold and heat exposure therapies.

The heart of Bangkok Ice Baths is its community, a vibrant mix of expats and locals, which has been flourishing for over three years. The founders recognized the lack of affordable ice bath options and seized the opportunity to introduce communal ice bath meetups.

Why should you be interested in Bangkok Ice Baths? It offers an experience that is not just about physical wellness but also about personal growth and community connection. The team, including breathwork instructors and event organizers, supports your journey, regardless of your experience level.

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