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Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey Health Ltd is a prominent UK-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of ice baths, chillers, and commercial-grade ice plunge products. Known for their build quality and innovative designs, their products cater to individuals and businesses aiming to incorporate cold water therapy into their wellness routines.

Detailing their offerings, Brass Monkey Health provides a diverse range of products, including various types of ice baths, ice plunges, an XL variant, and barrel models, which are complemented by a suite of accessories and partner solutions. Designed to achieve temperatures as low as 0°c through patented ice cycles, their creations can be controlled via a mobile app, highlighting the marriage of aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge technology.

The ethos behind Brass Monkey Health is not just to sell products, but to promote a lifestyle that embraces the benefits of cold water therapy. Research supports that cold exposure aids in weight management, immune system strengthening, cardiovascular fortification, and mental agility. Brass Monkey Health thus positions itself as an industry leader in facilitating a practice that rejuvenates mind and body, providing both the knowledge and the means for a transformative cold water immersion experience.

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