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Breasy Dubai

Breasy Dubai

Breasy Ice Bath, situated in the heart of Dubai, stands as a sanctuary for wellness enthusiasts seeking a unique beach ice bath experience. As the only destination in Dubai offering this distinctive blend of cold therapy and breathwork, Breasy Ice Bath has solidified its place as your breathing pitstop.

At the core of its offerings, Breasy Ice Bath provides comprehensive 45-minute sessions that include guided breathwork, use of the Sadhu Nail Board, and a transformative 8°C ice bath. Additionally, their weekly morning classes encompass an all-levels yoga session, aiming to improve circulation, boost energy, and strengthen the immune system.

Breasy Ice Bath isn't just about physical vitality; it's about integrating into a welcoming community that values harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. Choosing Breasy means accessing expert guidance and participating in wellness community events, all framed by the natural splendor of Palm Jumeirah.

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