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Breathing Cold

Breathing Cold

Breathingcold Bali is an innovative, transformation-focused company dedicated to teaching essential life practices through tailored experiences in breathwork, ice baths, and authentic relating. Founded by the passionate guide, Alex, Breathingcold Bali roots itself in the serene Ubud, Bali, where it has built a thriving community.

The core of Breathingcold's offerings revolves around personal growth and transformation through a variety of courses and training. The Breathingcold Experience includes everything from a 5-hour discovery journey, to extensive 11-week courses aimed at mastering breathwork and stress management.

Breathingcold Bali positions itself as an opportunity for anyone seeking to redefine their limits and embrace a life of potential and self-love. The combination of Alex's guidance and the community's support provides a unique environment for participants to discover a newfound relationship with life itself.

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