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Chill Tubs

Chill Tubs

Based in the United Kingdom, Chill Tubs is a company specializing in high-quality cold plunge ice baths, offering different models to accommodate various customer preferences. Delivering an array of health and wellbeing benefits, the company's ice tubs are constructed with superior market-leading materials.

Chill Tubs provides three distinct models: the Pro, the Original, and the Lite, each designed with unique features and aesthetics to suit different needs and price points. Their offerings include the premium Pro model with cutting-edge features, the Original as a steadfast favorite, and the Lite which is built for durability and affordability with pre-orders starting for March 2024 delivery.

The benefits of cold plunge therapy offered by Chill Tubs extend far beyond simple relaxation, encompassing improved recovery times, reduced muscle soreness, and enhanced circulation. Chill Tubs positions itself as more than a product; it's a lifestyle change that offers mental and physical rejuvenation.

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