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Chilly Gorillas

Chilly Gorillas

Chilly Gorillas is an innovative company specializing in cold water recovery solutions designed for the needs of large-sized athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their flagship product, the CGXL Ice Bath, provides a substantial 120cm diameter space to accommodate strongmen, powerlifters, and individuals up to 7 feet tall.

The main offerings of Chilly Gorillas revolve around their heavy-duty cold water immersion pod – a recovery tool that promotes faster recovery, performance boost, inflammation control, and mental clarity. Made with high-grade materials and engineered to be spacious yet portable, their products are a synthesis of durability and convenience.

Anyone in the athletic community with an eye for quality and effective recovery methods should have Chilly Gorillas on their radar. They offer a rare combination of capacious design and portability that addresses the unique requirements of larger individuals seeking the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy.

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