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CNSUP is a Shaoxing Lingdu Sports Co., Ltd. brand specializing in the design, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution of outdoor recreational products. With a diverse lineup including ice bath tubs, inflatable paddle boards, and electric surfboards, CNSUP caters to a wide range of outdoor activities.

This company stands out for its flexible production capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction. CNSUP offers customized product features and boasts an impressive ability to fulfill OEM orders starting at a minimum order quantity of fifty units. They ensure timely delivery and quality assurance across their product range, which is underscored by a generous three-year warranty.

CNSUP is an ideal partner for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to expand in the outdoor leisure and sports markets. With an emphasis on both product innovation and customer needs, such as multipurpose ice baths with advanced features like UV sterilization and mobile app integration, CNSUP is not only a supplier but also a catalyst for growth and success.

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