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The Original Coldtub™ is a premier manufacturer of cold water therapy solutions, designed for both individual and commercial use. The company has established itself as a reliable provider of high-quality cold tubs ranging from personal models like the Icepod for individual users to the large-scale Polarplunge™ that fits 8-12 people.

Detailing a broad spectrum of innovative products, The Original Coldtub™ caters to various needs with their lineup, boasting sizes conducive to different user groups, from solo athletes to teams. For instance, the Icepod Plus accommodates larger individuals, while the PolarPool is tailored to groups of 3-5 users. Each model features the capability to control temperature, jets, and sanitation levels via the Coldtub™ App, allowing users to monitor and adjust their cold therapy sessions remotely.

The Original Coldtub™ is a leader in the cold water therapy industry, offering proven benefits such as reduced lactic acid build-up, decreased DOMS, and faster injury recovery. Their customer base includes high-profile clients like professional sports teams and the U.S. military, signifying their trusted reputation.

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