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Fifth Element Ice Baths

Fifth Element Ice Baths

Fifth Element Ice Baths is a dynamic company that specializes in providing top-tier cold therapy equipment to the Australian market. With a focus on helping people achieve optimal recovery, their product range includes a selection of ice baths and chiller/heater units that are both lightweight and portable.

Within the catalogs of Fifth Element Ice Baths, customers will find a variety of products tailored to meet both commercial and personal recovery needs. Their offerings range from the 'EVERYDAY' Ice Bath and Chiller Package to the more robust 'PLATINUM COMMERCIAL' package, each designed with quality and efficiency in mind.

Fifth Element Ice Baths stands as a compelling company for anyone interested in the health advantages of cold therapy. With their commitment to bringing high-level recovery equipment to their market, competitive pricing, and the convenience of online shopping with robust customer support, they are well-positioned to cater to the needs of a growing clientele.

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