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Found Space

Found Space

Found—Space is an innovative Hormetic Tech company that specializes in creating products designed for cold and heat therapy, aiming to enhance health and well-being through the concept of Hormesis. Based in Australia and New Zealand, Found—Space leads the market with its top-tier infrared saunas and ice baths.

The company's flagship product, the Found—Space Ice Bath, exemplifies the brand's commitment to quality and user experience. Crafted with materials like Japanese Cedar Timber and 316 Stainless Steel, and accompanied by a smart control app, the ice bath integrates modern technology with traditional wellness practices.

As a leading figure in the hormetic technology space, Found—Space is dedicated to facilitating easy adoption of its health-enhancing products into everyday life. With benefits like improved recovery, enhanced circulation, and reduced muscle soreness, Found—Space Ice Baths are more than a product—they're a pathway to building resilience and vitality.

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