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Fra Oss

Fra Oss

Fra Oss is a Norwegian company that specializes in providing products for cold water therapy, with an emphasis on ice baths. Established in the scenic Krokelvdal, Norway, they showcase a range of Arctic-themed cold plunge tubs that merge polypropylene plastic durability with aesthetic wood decoration.

The company's product line features a variety of standard-size cold plunge tubs, designed for both commercial and private use, with the flexibility to cater to client-specific needs. Products such as the "Arctic Ice Bath Oval" and "Round Cold Plunge Tub" are geared to promote wellness through cold water therapy, a practice affirmed by figures like Wim Hof.

Fra Oss appeals to those seeking to enhance their well-being through the scientifically recognized benefits of cold water immersion. Advocating for use post-sauna session or as a stand-alone treatment, Fra Oss underscores the practice's capacity to improve immune response, mental clarity, and overall vitality.

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