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Glacier Ice Bath

Glacier Ice Bath

Glacier Ice Bath is a pioneering entity specialized in crafting portable cryotherapy solutions for athletes, adventurers, and anyone seeking advanced recovery methods. Born from experienced hands in high-performance sports, Glacier Ice Bath is not only a product but a testament to the relentless pursuit of peak physical well-being.

Glacier Ice Bath's flagship product—the Recovery Pod—is an ingeniously designed cryotherapy chamber, boasting a compact, lightweight structure for ease of transport, along with a thermo lid to maintain stable temperatures. The Recovery Pod is a convergence of durability and innovation, with three layers of thermal insulated TPE material and a quick-release tap for draining, tailored to accommodate individuals up to 6ft9 and 140kgs within its 75cm height and diameter.

Investing in a Glacier Ice Bath means embracing a comprehensive approach to recovery, characterized by reduced inflammation, quicker recovery times, improved circulation, and metabolic benefits. The company empowers users to confidently "take the plunge" into a regimen that not only accelerates physical recovery but also offers mental relaxation benefits.

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