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HANA is an Auckland-based health and wellness company, situated in the bustling suburb of Grey Lynn, that offers a holistic approach to wellbeing through an array of treatments and products. By providing services such as infrared saunas, contrast therapy, and light therapy, alongside massages, HANA positions itself as a retreat for the mind, body, and soul.

The company extends its wellness philosophy into a carefully curated product line, including health supplements, beauty items, and ritual tools. With a commitment to research and efficacy, HANA's collection represents only the best, ensuring that every item is toxin-free and contributes meaningfully to clients' wellness journeys.

Why should you be interested in HANA? It's a sanctuary that seamlessly blends advanced wellness treatments with a premium selection of health and beauty products, all within an environment imbued with Aroha (love and compassion). Each service and product offered by HANA is a testament to their dedication to not just prevent ill health but to actively promote and enhance wellbeing, making them a unique and valuable player in the wellness industry.

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