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HEAT by Sophia Lie

HEAT by Sophia Lie

HEAT by Sophia Lie is a wellness and lifestyle company, founded in 2018 by Sophia Lie, offering biohacking treatments to optimize health and well-being. It is situated in the heart of Stockholm and has expanded to Palma de Mallorca, providing state-of-the-art wellness technologies combined with traditional treatments.

At HEAT by Sophia Lie, customers are provided with a variety of treatments and products designed to detoxify, optimize, and heal from the inside out. Their offerings include private full spectrum infrared saunas, compression therapy, LED light therapy, LPG massage, and an array of wellness products like the HEAT Infrared Sauna Blanket and HEAT Cryo-Ball.

What sets HEAT by Sophia Lie apart is its focus on combining the latest in wellness technology with hands-on treatments to deliver a holistic approach to health. The company’s range of creative wellness solutions, aimed to provide more than short-term solutions but a lifestyle change, could garner interest from individuals looking to embrace a comprehensive approach to their health.

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