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Hima Icebaths

Hima Icebaths

Hima Icebaths Amsterdam is a wellness establishment specializing in cold water immersion therapy right in the heart of Amsterdam Centrum. Tucked away on a serene street amidst the city's hustle, Hima Icebaths offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking the rejuvenating effects of ice baths combined with sauna sessions.

The studio provides personalized sessions with options to book a 10-minute ice bath, add a sauna session for full benefits, or even purchase gift vouchers for a unique present. Hima Icebaths Amsterdam prides itself on accommodating diverse needs with their spacious ice bath recommended for taller individuals, and a smaller, sit-down barrel suited for those not as tall, both maintained at an optimal 4 degrees Celsius.

Reasons to visit Hima Icebaths Amsterdam extend beyond just a unique chilling dip; the studio emphasizes education about the process, offering workshops that elucidate the benefits of cold immersions and related breathing techniques. Patrons are supported through their chilly journey, whether it's their first or fiftieth plunge, with expert guidance and scientifically backed insight.

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