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Northern Saunas

Northern Saunas

Northern Saunas is a prolific provider of high-quality sauna experiences, specializing in a diverse range of sauna products and services. Known for their extensive lineup, they cater to both personal and commercial markets with options such as traditional, outdoor, infrared saunas, and additional features like heaters and steamers.

The company's offerings range from one-person to larger five-person saunas, including luxury European series, alongside hot tubs and cold plunges. They place an emphasis on serving different sectors such as fitness centers, spas, wellness facilities, real estate, and builders with customized installation types including dry and steam saunas, and infrared saunas.

Northern Saunas extends beyond mere sales by focusing on superior customer service and product quality as evidenced by their glowing clientele testimonials. They engage in continuous dialogue with their customers, understanding and advocating for the health benefits of their saunas, including pain relief and improved sleep.

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