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Passion Ice Baths

Passion Ice Baths

Passion Ice Baths, officially recognized as part of Fonteyn B.V, serves as a premier provider of cold therapy products conceived through a collaboration with Wim Hof, the renowned figure in extreme cold exposure techniques. A leader in the niche of ice baths, the company distinguishes itself with authentic designs inspired by Hof's bold approach to wellness.

The company prides itself on high-quality products such as "The Iceman's Barrel™," which boasts top-tier insulation, wood-look design, advanced chiller technology, and an integrated step with seating for the ultimate cold therapy experience. Passion Ice Baths' product lineup caters to a broad range of customers, from the solo enthusiast with the “Revive™ - Performance seated ice bath” to the community-focused "Vital-ICE™ - Group ice bath," providing a symphony of choices to enhance mind-body resilience and wellness.

Standing out in an era where wellness is increasingly prized, Passion Ice Baths—powered by the indomitable spirit of Wim Hof—exemplifies a commitment to empowering individuals in their health and recovery journeys. With a range of products designed to support immune system function, blood flow improvement, and stress relief, Passion Ice Baths is tailored for those seeking to elevate their daily routine and conquer their limits.

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