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Peakn Ice Bath

Peakn Ice Bath

Peakn Ice Bath, established in 2020 and based in Fremantle, Western Australia, is a pioneering company in the health and wellness industry, focusing on cold therapy products. The company, touting the slogan "We Believe In the Incredible," specializes in designing inflatable ice baths tailored for comfort, convenience, and effectiveness.

Peakn Ice Bath's flagship product, the PK001, is a testament to the company's dedication to extensive research and development, culminating in a user-friendly solution available on Amazon USA and Under Bryan Raeburn's leadership, the company evolved its product range to include multiple models like the PK003 and PK005, each catering to different customer needs while maintaining the brand's commitment to facilitating accessible and simple ice bathing experiences.

With a product range that seeks to improve physical and mental well-being, Peakn Ice Bath emerges as a company offering integral tools for self-improvement. The incorporation of cold therapy in daily routines is positioned as a natural strategy to manage stress, enhance mental focus, and increase happiness.

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