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Plugin Mind

Plugin Mind

Plugin Mind is an immersive wellness company dedicated to helping individuals confront and overcome personal barriers through a variety of therapeutic practices. Based in Costa Rica, Plugin Mind offers services including cold water therapy, breathwork, and various forms of ceremonial retreats which aim to facilitate emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Delving into the offerings, Plugin Mind presents an array of transformative experiences such as Bufo and Kambo ceremonies, RTT Hypnotherapy, and community ice baths, all conducted with the guidance of experienced facilitators. Their flagship experience, The Grand Rebirth Retreat, is an all-inclusive event that incorporates treatments, integration, and guidance, promising participants a profound journey of rebirth and self-discovery.

Plugin Mind's approach is rooted in the belief that true transformation arises when individuals take complete responsibility for their thoughts and actions, with the support of practices that teach humility, strength, and resilience. For those seeking a profound transformation and a reconnection with their authentic selves, Plugin Mind stands out as a beacon of change.

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