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Sauna Ireland

Sauna Ireland

Sauna Ireland stands at the forefront of therapeutic and wellness solutions, specializing in the provision of high-quality commercial ice baths and saunas. As an Irish-owned and operated company, their expertise lies in crafting products that elevate the recovery and relaxation experiences for their clients.

The company's flagship product, the K2 Ice Bath, embodies a fusion of modern design and functionality, featuring a stainless steel insert, ozone sterilization, and a built-in chiller/heater system to ensure optimal temperature control. With its red cedar details and robust construction, this ice bath proposes a luxurious cold plunge experience suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

Sauna Ireland distinguishes itself not only through its high-quality products but also via its customer-oriented services, including partnerships with finance providers to facilitate easy acquisition of their equipment. The company's commitment to user convenience is evident in their appointment-only viewing policy, ensuring personalized attention for clients.

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