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Sauna Spot

Sauna Spot

Sauna Spot is a unique wellness experience located in the heart of Prague, right on the banks of the Vltava River next to Žluté lázně. This oasis in the city offers a serene nature-infused setting that merges relaxation with the convenience of central accessibility.

Within the Sauna Spot world, visitors can immerse themselves in four different Finnish saunas, each with its own temperature and humidity setting, alongside two cooling pools, a massage area, and multiple spaces for relaxation outdoors and indoors. Additionally, they provide an exclusive private wellness space called Athena and boast a bar to enhance the guests' comfort and convenience.

Sauna Spot distinguishes itself not only by its prime location and range of services but also through its dedication to creating a holistic environment for its patrons. They simplify the gift-giving process with an e-shop featuring vouchers for their wellness services, making thoughtful relaxation gifts easily accessible.

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