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Thermal Beer & Spa

Thermal Beer & Spa

Thermal Beer & Spa offers a novel wellness experience, combining an ice bath session with a BeerSpa, hosted in the historic ambiance of Budapest's Lukács Bath. The company invites guests to embrace the challenge of cold therapy followed by a relaxing beer bath.

Expanding on its unique services, Thermal Beer & Spa provides a comprehensive 30-minute introductory class on ice bathing complemented by a 45-minute private BeerSpa session. Guests can indulge in the therapeutic qualities of beer and thermal water at a comfortable 36°C, while sipping unlimited beer, enhancing their skin and hair health.

Thermal Beer & Spa is a destination designed for the adventurous and health-conscious. With its merger of ancient spa traditions and modern wellness trends, the company stands out for those seeking holistic relaxation and a touch of Hungarian spa culture.

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