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TIA Wellness Resort

TIA Wellness Resort

TIA Wellness Resort is an embodiment of both luxury and well-being, situated on a picturesque beachfront with a selection of private pool villas. Originally named Fusion Maia and founded in 2008, the resort has established itself as a pioneer in Vietnam's wellness tourism sector.

The evolution of TIA Wellness Resort from its early days as Fusion Maia reflects a shift in consumer needs towards profound wellness experiences. Its accolade-winning approach offers not only tranquility but also equips guests with lasting wellness practices.

TIA Wellness Resort stands out as more than just a holiday destination; it is a journey into personal enrichment. The resort's carefully crafted wellness programs, including wellness and retreat inclusive options, ensure that every guest can tailor their stay to their needs, from deep-dives into wellness to complete customized retreats.

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