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Urban Ice Tribe

Urban Ice Tribe

Urban Ice Tribe is a company dedicated to the promotion of cold water therapy through its range of sustainable ice baths, hosting events, and fostering a community centered around the benefits of ice bathing. The business stands out not only for its environmentally-friendly products but also for its holistic approach to wellbeing, integrating breathwork, coaching, and retreats into its offerings.

The main offerings of Urban Ice Tribe include high-quality ice baths, chiller systems, and accessories, as well as hardwood covers for their tanks. Events play a crucial role in their business model, with activities like cold water dips, retreats, breathwork sessions, and personal coaching. The company ensures fast UK stock delivery, has a generous 14-day return policy, and commits to exceptional service.

Urban Ice Tribe is poised as a pioneer in the cold water therapy movement, with their offerings extending beyond mere products to encompass a comprehensive lifestyle choice. Their commitment to creating a global ice tribe movement based on positive life impact signifies an inclusive approach to wellness.

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