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Wellness by Solace

Wellness by Solace

Wellness by Solace stands as a leading provider of luxury wellness equipment, operating from the tranquil island of Bali, Indonesia. Pioneering innovation in the wellness industry, this company specializes in creating high-quality saunas, ice baths, and float tanks that seamlessly blend tradition with modern technology.

The company's product line epitomizes the epitome of relaxation and luxury, comprising various bespoke wellness solutions that cater to individual and business needs. Their offerings include Hybrid Saunas which unify the essence of traditional heat with infrared therapy, customizable Solace Sauna Heaters, and the Solace Ice Bath collection — each piece crafted with precision and care to provide an exceptional wellness experience.

Individuals and businesses alike have motives to engage with Wellness by Solace; their products ensure an unparalleled wellness journey infused with elegance and holistic health. Embracing a company that marries Bali’s serene craftsmanship with advanced wellness technology is an invitation to touch upon a world of refined relaxation.

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