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The Journey Begins

In the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity. This is what drove Tiago Valente, an amateur triathlete with a passion for sports and wellness, to embark on a quest for a solution that many athletes face: finding reliable ice bath facilities while travelling for races or leisure. The struggle to locate ice baths, a crucial part of recovery and performance enhancement for athletes, was a recurring obstacle. Thus, was born — a pioneering digital product conceptualized and brought to life as part of ProductWise Group AMEA.

Our Mission

At, we're driven by more than just a directory service. We're propelled forward by a mission: to democratize access to cold therapy for athletes, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone in between seeking to unlock the myriad benefits of ice baths. Our platform is a testament to the belief that wellness and recovery tools should be accessible, transparent, and user-friendly. By bridging the gap between ice bath service providers and those in search of them, we're not just connecting people with places; we're facilitating a journey towards optimal health and performance.

Manifesto: A Pledge to Authenticity and Excellence

We stand at the intersection of innovation and wellness, committed to offering an authentic, comprehensive directory of ice bath experiences across the globe. We manually curate and verify the content. Hence, we pledge to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, ensuring that every listing on our platform is vetted and verified.

But is more than a directory. It's a community built on trust, shared goals, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe in the power of cold therapy to transform lives, enhance recovery, elevate performance, and improve quality of life. Our platform is designed to empower you to explore, discover, and experience the benefits of ice baths, wherever your travels or training may take you.

In a world cluttered with half-truths and hyperbole, we choose to stand for what's real and effective. No gimmicks, no false promises—just a steadfast commitment to supporting your wellness journey with integrity, innovation, and inspiration.

Join us as we redefine recovery and wellness, one ice bath at a time.

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