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Ice Bath Tubs, a New Zealand-based wellness and recovery company, specializes in providing high-quality portable ice baths. The company caters to those seeking to enhance their mood, energy levels, and recovery through the practice of cold water therapy.

With a focus on craftsmanship and user experience, Ice Bath Tubs offers a range of products including all-in-one plunge tubs, portable ice baths, thermometers, mineral sticks, and access to a breathwork library. Every Portable Ice Bath is equipped with convenient features such as water outlets, hand pumps, and easy drainage systems, and comes with free bonuses like thermal lids and protective covers.

Ice Bath Tubs is not just a purveyor of health and wellness products but a gateway to a revitalized way of life. With the promise of an accessible, portable solution that supports holistic health, the company stands out as a valuable partner in one's journey towards enhanced wellbeing.

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