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Puro Surf

Puro Surf

Puro Surf El Salvador is an idyllic boutique hotel nestled on a cliff above El Zonte's world-class waves, providing an immersive surf experience for guests of all levels. With only 15 rooms, the emphasis is on a cozy, intimate atmosphere, allowing for a personalized and relaxed stay amidst stunning natural beauty.

The heart of Puro Surf El Salvador lies in its world-renowned Surf Performance Academy, which is dedicated to teaching and improving the art of surfing holistically. Guided by Marcelo Castellanos' expertise and the ISA-accredited 3 Circles of Power Surf System, the academy provides top-tier coaching, cutting-edge equipment, and a clear pathway for surfers to elevate their skills, whether they are just beginning or looking to master more advanced techniques.

Why should you be interested in Puro Surf El Salvador? It's not just a hotel but a complete surf-centric haven that caters to your every need, designed to maximize your performance and pleasure in the waves. With expert coaching, personalized surf camps, and a vibrant community atmosphere, Puro Surf promises to fuel both body and soul through its bespoke services and facilities.

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