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VivoMed is a comprehensive distributor of sports and physiotherapy supplies, known for its extensive range of first aid kits and support braces. Catering to both professional and casual users, they specialize in supporting athletes and individuals with high-quality medical and therapeutic products.

In detail, VivoMed's offerings include various tapes for sports taping, cohesive and elastic adhesive bandages, kinesiology tapes, and braces for every body part. They also provide fitness equipment, first aid essentials, pharmacy items like vitamins and antiseptics, and injury treatment products such as cryotherapy and acupuncture supplies.

Individuals and organizations should be interested in VivoMed due to its dedication to supplying premium sports medical and therapeutic products crucial for injury management and physical well-being. With an exceptional customer satisfaction rating and a broad international reach, VivoMed stands out as a trusted provider for everyone from athletic trainers to home users seeking wellness and recovery tools.

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